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Here's my first (somewhat) proper soldering and I2C project.
Its build with a MCP23008 and Unitech UC-162C LCD. This LCD is based on a Samsung KS0070B according to the spec so we can add that as a compatible chip to the 4 wire library?
The code and layout is from the playground http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Code/I2CPortExpanderAndLCDs.

The lcd is also mounted on female headers for easy removal.

Pardon the picture quality, it's was taken on my wife's Omnia ..  


Is there a place to get the parts for this online?


That's really nice. I had no idea the benefit of i2c until I hooked up my LCD. Even with the reduced 4 data pin this thing still requires 6 less pins. I wonder how much bigger the code size is?

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