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We are trying to use a WYSE thin client V10L


to program ArduinoDuemilanove. When I upload I see

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp =0x00
avrdude: stk500_disable(): protocol error, expect 0x14, resp 0x51

The Arduino is known good. I can upload on a real computer. Port and board are set correectly in the 022 development envronment. The Device manager sees the Arduino on Com 3. The FTDI drivers are the latest version. The USB port on the WYSE does power the board and I have supplemented the board power with a 9V battery.

I slowed the port speed from 9600 down to 1200.

Anything else I can try? Has anyone ever used a thn client on an Arduino



What version of winblows does it use?

Do a loop-back test. As you claim the board itself is ok, if it doesn't work it must be a driver issue.

I'd also suggest the good old "format c:\", but that would probably be causing more trouble elsewhere.


We have done more testing.

The system we run uses VMware. When the UNO is installed on the VM it assigns the board to COM4. When I go to the com port selection in the 022 menu all I see is com1 and com 2. Apparently 022 does not recognize the com port assigned by the VM.

The VM does recognize the Duemilanove and the com port (com 4) as assigned by the VM. There is still he synch error.

These tests were run on a desktop machine running a virtual window so I think we have eliminated the WYSE terminal as source of the problem. We think it is an issue with VMWare and USB.

Has anyone ever used VMWare and Arduino?



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I haven't used VMware for several years, so I can't help there directly.

From personal experience with another virtualization product (virtualbox) I can say that I had mixed results. The virtual com-ports did show up in the device manager and were found by the IDE as well, but I had issues with the auto-reset timing.

You also should start the IDE after the com-port was detected by the OS. At least while trying to figure out what goes wrong.

BTW! Why did you install FTDI drivers when you have an UNO ?

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