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I'm a bit of an advanced cut and paste programmer and have been experimenting with processing on both the UNO and the MEGA 2560. I have a sketch that works on the UNO and the analog and PWM pins on the MEGA. I have not been able to access the digital pins 22 - 53 on the MEGA. I've seen similar questions on some other forums but no real answer. Is there something special about accessing these pins via processing.


Is there something special about accessing these pins via processing.

No, unless you mean via Firmata. Firmata happens to not be supported on the Mega, or at all for the Arduino, despite its popularity.

Do not confuse available and supported.


Yes I was using firmata and it does work on the UNO and to some extent on the MEGA... there is a version that is supposedly for the MEGA but it looks just like the one for the UNO.

Thanks... was wondering if I was beating my head against the wall.

Is it possible to do this without firmata?  If so could you point me in the direction of some examples?

Thanks Again


Firmata defines a protocol. The Processing application is sending specific information to the Arduino when a pin is to be read/written to.

There is nothing magic about the protocol or the code to implement that protocol. You can develop your own. Something simple like "R10" to read pin 10, "W50,0" to write 0 (LOW) to pin 50, and "A10,120" to perform an analog write on pin 10 with a value of 120, could be implemented in a couple of hours.

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