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Existing repositories with working libraries wouldn't be penalized unless they move to this repository because they would be less "official" than the others ?

My thoughts exactly. I've put my own libraries on bitbucket.org only last week, because I've experience with Mercurial, not with Git. Other people might prefer SVN. Or Bazaar. Or none at all. Can you make sure these are deemed equally "official" as the libraries on the Git repository?

Also, and perhaps I'm not well informed, but I'd like to see a more extended and standardized way to integrate a reference of third-party libraries in the IDEs. I think that's more beneficial for the users of the library than a large GIT repository, which might be quite alien for beginners.

Finally, my project is a package of libraries, which can be used stand-alone but work nicely together. Would such package-construct fit in your ideas of the repository?


I have no doubt that dealing with a whole community is hard :)

I have helped my brother in writing a couple libraries (he just wrote on this topic, he's Federico and publish on github at https://github.com/federico-galli/).

My github-fu is certainly low, I didn't notice the addition of Organizations to github, I thought it was just a word you used to describe the repository.
Now I see that is indeed possible to have a fine-grained permissions' control.

I'd prefer however that the arduino IDE would use the database you mentioned instead of just this repository to import libraries.

Thanks for your work on Arduino,




it is nice to see that something like this is finally coming.
I have worked on a project just like this with not so much success here:

it works and everything. But it is hard to get all the libraries together.

I look forward to the official solution to this.

Massimo Banzi


That's a nice project! I'm sorry I didn't know about it.
why don't we make your work part of the official library database?

I think it's much better to build upon what you did than re-inventing the wheel.



this is a great idea, a one stop shop for libraries, working libraries, i always used this as a refrence when i needed to find something when i was starting out
http://www.freeduino.org/index.html they have a huge list of how to interface just about anything with an arduino, from libraries to wiring different sensors.
I could print the Arduino logo on a box of cereal and sell it as "Arduin-O's"

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