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I'm done with my prototype, what's next if I want to get my circuit and an enclosure in "small" quantity (~200 units)

I have 2 prototypes.. one that requires a microcontroller (Arduino in this case) and I'd like to get it built to resell it.
Should I get a less expensive microcontroller and program it myself? And get a board done to put that controller on it?
I'd like to have everything done for me, I don't want to assemble all the parts of the circuit (except connecting the controller in a holder on the board after putting the code in it) the second circuit needs no controller, it's just a led light but needs a special shape (imagine a triangle with a hole in the center) it's not exactly a square board.

Also, I'd like to get enclosures for these circuits. First one with the microcontroller is simple as there is some holes needed for leds, potentiometer, I/O but it is a square/rectangne enclosure. The second circuit needs a special shape and because there will be leds in there it needs a "cover" that is transparent/frosted

anyone have an idea what are my next steps.

In a "small" quantity like ~200 units, should I look for a china manufacturer or should I look locally (us/canada) ? Is there alternatives like mexico, india, etc.. ?
Should I try to get everything made at the same place (circuit/enclosure) or should I get them made in different locations?



For enclosures, I've been thinking about using local laser-cutting facilities. Laser cutters can easily cut acrylic for pots, switches, displays, etc. There's a local hackerspace of sorts here for small-scale work, as well as several other options in town for larger runs. Of course, that means putting it together yourself, so maybe that's not a good solution for you.

There's a guy at the hackerspace (http://columbusideafoundry.com) who laser-cuts recycled wooden cigar boxes for electronic enclosures.



Hi mox-

When I was working at Tectrol http://www.tectrol.com/, the company was also building 6/49 machines and the 407 ETR Transceiver in the mid 1990's. I did ask if they can manufacture others electronics devices, and they say "yes' but with a price. The company is located in Toronto, ON ( That is local , well 6 hr drive from Montreal )

just check them out to see if they will manufacture your boards.   Just an idea.  Oh, no Tim Horton nearby by the way.  :smiley-mr-green:

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