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Respected Sir,

Sir, I want to know that i have connected a battery of 12v, 1400mAh to icsp header by mistake. So i want to know that my board is short circuited of not. Or if Short circuited then how can i repair it by myself.
And i also want to know that how can we interface PID controller with it...

Yours' Faithfully
Pulkit Vijay


we used ARDUINO DECIMILLA[ATMEGA168] microcontroller board.
here on connecting with the usb to pc. pin 13 LED is blinking .
THEN we upload a  blink led programme on arduino enviorment. LED  blinks red.
compile is done.and uploading I/O shows error.
when we remove ATMEGA168 from the board then 13 pin led stops blinking .
So sir i want to know that weathermy Atmega168 is Damaged aur its Driver or another problem...
if it is a driver problem then  from where should i get the driver.

Pulkit vijay


What pin did you put 12V onto? The 5V pin?
If so, you likely damaged the 28-pin surface mount part behind the USB connector - that is a very hard part to replace unless you have special tools.

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Do you see the correct serial port in the tools menu?

If not it sounds like you have damaged the USB / Serial bridge chip. They are difficult to replace because you need surface mount rework equipment.

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