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It is possible to communicate an arduino and a beagleboard through a serial communication? I would like to use Arduino for sensors and the beagleboard to process some parameters obtained  through the serial communication.




The Arduino end will be easy to do serial communication. I believe it's a little harder on the BeagleBoard side. I've got one, but I've never tried serial communication. You might be able to do it through a USB port. Or I believe there are some pins that can be configured for that.

Have you tried asking on the BeagleBoard forum?


Why not just plug the arduino USB cable into the beagleboard? Usb to serial, done for you. Then just use whatever program you please to access the serial port.


I Agree with Bilbo, FTDi will simply act as a Serial connection and just supply any info you want to the Arduino by writing a program in C++ may be.
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