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garrett you can read my mind? :) i have the same idea about  the stick board with littel pixel pitch and also about the star topology.
The SB are a good product but any application is different and may be i'm conviced that we can address each solution for 2 great macro area of application

A6281 for driving mid-high power led for accent light\architectural ecc
TLC5947 for driving a lot of little LED also for build low-mid resolution led wall.

have you already a piece of code that drive the TLC5947?


Nope I'm using the QFN package and therefore still waiting for my prototype boards to arrive. :(

But it will be very very similar to ShiftBrite code.
Unique RGB LED Modules and Arduino shields: http://www.macetech.com/store


we build the second prototype, find a short video here http://www.agilesystems.it/?p=56.
Next step should be ade the final project, a 8x2 meters led wall, if customers like the concept.


I am new to surface mount...is there any way to prototype these TLC5947 chips without designing and ordering a breakout board?


yes there is, a friend of mine wire up 2 of these... we spent 5 hours to do...  :-?
if you accept a suggestion, buy a breakout board.


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