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garrett you can read my mind? :) i have the same idea about  the stick board with littel pixel pitch and also about the star topology.
The SB are a good product but any application is different and may be i'm conviced that we can address each solution for 2 great macro area of application

A6281 for driving mid-high power led for accent light\architectural ecc
TLC5947 for driving a lot of little LED also for build low-mid resolution led wall.

have you already a piece of code that drive the TLC5947?


Nope I'm using the QFN package and therefore still waiting for my prototype boards to arrive. :(

But it will be very very similar to ShiftBrite code.
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we build the second prototype, find a short video here http://www.agilesystems.it/?p=56.
Next step should be ade the final project, a 8x2 meters led wall, if customers like the concept.


I am new to surface mount...is there any way to prototype these TLC5947 chips without designing and ordering a breakout board?


yes there is, a friend of mine wire up 2 of these... we spent 5 hours to do...  :-?
if you accept a suggestion, buy a breakout board.



Awesome!  My daughter wants to add some lights to an ipod tote.  This looks like a great leg up on that project!  



I finally got my SMD RGB LEDs, and built prototypes for my own TLC5947 project:

These are easier to use than ShiftBrites or TCL5940s, there are no configuration registers and no grayscale clock and blank timing concerns. Just 288 bits shifted out with clock, and then latch.

I am seeing a small amount of flickering though. ale914, have you noticed anything like that yet?
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Hi macerg if you mean using 5947 i can't give you any info because i didn't mount my prototype yet.
Regarding the SMD led you are using there, can you provide me some pros & cons respect the superflux of the shiftbrite?


They are 5050 style SMD LEDs, not quite as bright as the superflux RGB but they mix colors very well. I think the red is still not as bright as the blue or green. They have soft filling over the the LEDs instead of hard epoxy.
Unique RGB LED Modules and Arduino shields: http://www.macetech.com/store

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