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Hi all I am making my first Arduino. I am making Arduino Single-Sided Serial Boardhttp://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardSerialSingleSided3 my question is how to connect reset switch on this board. I am attaching image of my switch in this pic the red circled pins gets shorted when button is pressed. (its like completing two different circuits with one button). Second is Its difficult to get non polarize 10uF cap so how to go about it!  https://picasaweb.google.com/105518317184518421136/Arduino#5657262641017522226


Picasa says "Sorry, that page was not found."

You insert the switch so that the pairs of pins that are permanently shorted (1&2, 3&4) are vertical.

If you look at the schematic (http://arduino.cc/en/uploads/Main/ArduinoSeverinoSchematic.png) you'll see that the 10 uF capacitor (C9) is polarized and the + side goes to ground.  Looks like the silkscreen layer shows an un-polarized cap.  The ground (+) side of the capacitor is the upper side, near the transistor T1, not the lower side, near the diode D2.
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Thanks for the help. I have changed the privacy control on album now you can see the pic https://picasaweb.google.com/105518317184518421136/Arduino of reset switch. I have assembled the board only remaining components are switch and inductor by mistakenly i brought 10uH in place of 100uH!! How critical is the role inductor? in this circuit. And is there any way to burn bootloder in to ATMEGA168 just by serial port? i dont have programmer or other arduino board to burn bootloader (PS I think there is some mistake in pcb layout pin spacing for IC is less )


I have assembled the board only remaining components are switch and inductor by mistakenly i brought 10uH in place of 100uH!!

It's not critical at all. Most Arduino boards don't even include an inductor for the Avcc pin. It's purpose is to provide a little additional noise filtering for the analog section of the chip. So use the 10uH or use nothing and just wire +5vdc to the Avcc pin with a .1ufd cap from the pin to ground.



Thanks for the help! all is set now only thing remaining is reset switch and boot loader!

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