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I was wondering how difficult it is, or if it's even possible to hook up an ardiuno to a servo controller, specifically a Bioloid. I have programming experience, but I'm relatively new to the microcontroller and electronics world. I appreciate the help.


I was wondering how difficult it is...to hook up an ardiuno to a servo controller

Piece of cake. Run a few wires here and there.

specifically a Bioloid.

For specifics, you need to be specific. By that I mean you can't expect us to do your research. Post a link to the device in question, and we'll look at that link. Provided it doesn't require separate login or anything silly like that.
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Thanks for the reply. The specifics will have to wait until I get the parts. I noticed that you're from Seattle. I live in Olympia, WA. Do you happen to know of any stores in WA that carry servos & robotic parts?

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