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Has anyone else used the OSEPP brand of arduino compatible products?  they are readily available at Fry's Electronics now.  Any know issues with compatibility?


From this link, it seems to be a 100% compatable design. Many firms make Arduino compatible designs as it is a open sourced design.


I wasn't aware that Fry's was selling Arduino stuff, but it appears they have a nice selection of stuff:




Man, every time I hear about something Fry's is doing, it makes me wish even more that there was one near me.


it makes me wish even more that there was one near me.

The time/distance you spend driving there will be negligible compared to the time you spending wandering around aisles and aisles of stuff looking for what you want. When you find where that is, it'll be in a locked cabinet. It'll take half an hour to find someone to look for the person with the key. It'll take that person 20 minutes to get there, and they won't know squat about what is in the cabinet.

If you order something online before you leave home, it will have arrived before you get to Fry's and back, on a good day. Even if it is coming from China and is back-ordered.

Fry's fan? Not me.


I just purchased an OSEPP Uno today.  This was to replace an Amazon true Uno I had fried last night.

Was about to start getting quite upset at Fry's, because after the first upload test it would not take any more uploads, good old "stk500_getsync resp 0x00", which the forums say could be from any possible cause and then some.

One suggestion *did* work, which was to try a different "board" - I had, of course, set it as an Uno. 

Turns out that when I tried "duemilanuove or Nano 328", things worked.

Now, if I can get my silly 10.10 Ubuntu to Gnome Classic, I will be a happy man...

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