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Topic: Anyone know if there is a video archive of Open Hardware Summit speakers? (Read 957 times) previous topic - next topic


Wasn't able to attend the Open Hardware Summit a few weeks ago in New York but was hoping to find video of some of the speakers, most notably
Mitch Altman's and James Bowman, actually any or all of those in the Starting up in Open Hardware hour.

From the speaker list
4:00 - 5:00: Starting up in Open Hardware

    Amanda Wozniak, Wyss Institute: Open-Sourcing the Engineering Process
    James Bowman, Gameduino: Gameduino Story: Kickstarter to product in 90 days
    Benedetta Piantella & Justin Downs, Ground Lab: Labor over Capital: how open development sustains small business and drives innovation
    Bryan Newbold, Octopart: Don't Let Price-Breaks Break the Bank: Economics of Electronic Components for Small Buyers
    Nathan Seidle, Sparkfun: Where does transparency end?
    Mitch Altman, Cornfield Electronics: Manufacture Your Project (and make a living doing what you love)

Thanks if anyone can help.

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