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Greeting fellow Arduinians (Is that the correct word).

Apologies for the shameless plug but I have just recieved the most astounding customer service from a UK electronics supplier.

I've bought a few bits in the past and they have always turned up next day, well packaged even when I ordered late.

Anyway, I dropped them an email to ask their advice on mounting an Arduino Uno board on standoffs. Richard the director got back to me immediately with a suggestion for Nylon washers. He'd dug out a board and tested all the spacing worked out and said he'd throw a set in to my next order.

So this morning I placed my order and this email just dropped into my mailbox

Hi Christopher
I have added your washers to the package as promised.
The easiest way for me to explain what to do with the washers is by example, so I have used 4 of your standoffs, 4 off your screws and 8 nylon washers and fitted them to an Arduino UNO (an SMD version that we had)
Ive assembled it all for you and bubble wrapped it up nicely. Feel free to keep the board as a spare. The only difference is that the chip is an SMD version (so don't blow it up, as you cant swap the chip!). Ive included the box for the board as well so you can gift it to someone, if you feel in a very good mood at any point!  ?
Hope this is okay and that it all works well for your application

Best Regards

Richard Winton

Apologies for the shameless plug but I definately recommend anyone to take a look at http://proto-pic.co.uk

P.S I am in no way affiliated with the above company. its just when you recieve such unexpected service I feel its only polite to let others know about it.


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