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hi, i hope this is in the right place, but i need some help on designing a midi interface running off android 2.2 tablet and a swf movie.
over the past couple of months ive been online finding as much informtion as possable, actionscript, javascript, arduino, max/msp, midi and flash movies, midi applications for android and so on.
can anyone help me out with this , i have an advent vega, uno board and midi sheild, what seems like hundreds of pdf's and information scripts and webpages, mind boggoling adk and development for android.

heres my quest - making a flash based graphic that sends midi information to the midi sheild/uno setup, and then being controlled from a touchscreen on the tablet.

can anyone help me out as to where to start, and understand how it will all work.  i thought nothing could be more simpler than getting an adroid device to send program changes and control changes to a midi setup, but i feel at a loss, im currently looking into bluetooth arduino at the moment and some way to get an swf on android speaking to a host pc with full midi.  there seems to be a mass of options, but i need to go into the right direction.

android - swf -midi - host pc (windows)

all help would be great


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