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I am stil trying to get rid of short between power/gnd on the first board I assembled. I think it is behind pins 3-4-5-6, can't get it to wick out.
Gonna try hot air station one of these nights, take the chip off & start over I think.

A good way to get rid of bridges behind pins is to add more solder and hold the iron for a few seconds until the solder starts flowing to all the bridged pins, once this happens quickly grab your wick and use the side of the iron as much as possible for a better heat exchange.  This should get it all out.



I'm still able to do it (but barely) without a magnifier, but that will probably change in a few years. I'll probably get me one of those 'head-mounted' magnifiers pretty soon and keep on dreaming of a microscope with top illumination.

Try one of these, you'll love it!

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A good beer (just one) is better than sugar.

Tuborg, Carlsberg or Carta Blanca?,  I'll drink to that!

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My daughter thinks I'm a complete NUT to use a skillet to do SMD work.  I populate an entire board, then "grill" the thing in one shot.  What used to take me, sometimes hours, I can now accomplish in about 2 minutes.  Next I need to learn to make pogo beds to test multi-run stuff.

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