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Would you please advise me on the appropriate starter kit to buy for a new 8th-12th grade school to support a mecha-tronic lab? We want to use Arduino to make a variety of robots and other inventions that combine electronics and mechanical hardware. Our aim is to teach electronics, software programming, robotics, automation by having the students make a variety of inventions, some whimsical, some practical.

What hardware and software should I purchase for a school such as this with about 50 students per grade?

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Do you think of something like that?

+ a bag of RC Servos, continuos rotating RC Servos, Steppermotors + Drivers (if you want to do robotics)
+ some additional Sensors (MPU6050 (ACC+ Gyro), Ultrasonic Sensors, etc.
+ tons of resistors, LEDs, buttons,... (trust me, they will hide in every gap)

The problem is, it is very hard to tell you what to buy if you don´t know more precisely what you want to teach your students and how your projects look like.

GPL Software you maybe want to use:

- Processing; Arduino talking to PC (Serial)
- APPINVENTOR; Arduino to Android (Serial BT Module) only for simple Software.

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These are not the cheapest starter kits, but they may be the best. There is a variety to choose from:


I especially like their RoboRed Arduino clone, as it has multiple tie points on the board for various pins and comes with several of the starter kits.


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The other side is hardware. I bought some vintage meccano from eBay, but that's probably not an option for schools. Still - something similar might work. I wonder how far you could get with popsicle sticks? They are thin enough that you can punch holes in them with a hole punch and bolt them together.


I just wrote this post here, called "My Arduino STEM Resources & demo to share (orig. given to teachers in a seminar)," and I think it might be useful to you in your situation. It is found here: http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=312901.0

If you download the content and look at the file titled, "STEM Workshop Order List - Gabriel.xlsx," you'll see that this is all my materials purchased for an Arduino teacher's seminar. It included doing a demonstration with a bunch of sensors, such as light sensors, distance sensors, actuating a servo, etc. In that list you'll see a Vilros kit from Amazon. I highly recommend that kit, as well as buying a bunch of extra servos and things.

Anyway, as a teacher I think you might find these materials useful at the link just above. Let me know what you think.  I think teaching a robotics class with Arduino would be a blast!


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Also, as far as general-purpose, inexpensive servos go, these are my favorites, at $3 or less a piece (+ shipping, which is quite reasonable). I use them very frequently on radio-control aircraft, for example:

From Hobbyking US Warehouse:
1) HKSCM9-6 10g digital servo
2) HXT900 9g servo
3) 3A UBEC w/ Noise Reduction (ie: a 5V 3A switching DC-DC power supply, to power your servos from a LiPo or other battery)

International Warehouse (can ship to US too--just takes longer):
1) HKSCM9-6 10g digital servo
2) HXT900 9g servo
3) 3A UBEC w/ Noise Reduction (ie: a 5V 3A switching DC-DC power supply, to power your servos from a LiPo or other battery)

...And I just glanced at those YourDuino kits posted by econjack (http://yourduino.com/sunshop2/index.php?l=product_list&c=6), and I have to say those look fantastic! I'm familiar with YourDuino and I think they have good stuff. Those prices are really good too. That little $45 3-wheeled robot with ultrasonic rangefinder ("ping" sensor) on it too would be a great deal, and a lot of fun for you and your students to program via an Arduino.
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