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Due to some minor setbacks i had to wait, and wait on my ARDX-kits but...
I got my 11 inventors kits today and started the first tests...
I got my kits from an electroshop in Dendermonde who based the kit on an ADAFruit tutorial.
Wasn't so expensive (about 80 euro's) and it came with breadboard, cables, a servo, a DC-motor, a buzzer, leds, ... you name it and it's in there :-)

Started with the blinking led and the first questions kame to mind already :-)

Hoping to have some good lessons in januari.

I'll keep you posted on how it goes.



For the one's who need it!


This can help in your classes. The explanation is short, clear, to the point... i like it!



Udo Klein

You might want to have a look at my Blinkenlight experiments http://www.blinkenlight.net. I am pretty sure that they contain some useful content for an introductionary course. And don't forget to have a look at the "measurement" experiments. Not everything on my pages is rudimentary ;)
Check out my experiments http://blog.blinkenlight.net


Hi all,

Promised in teh beginning to post some ideas and also keep you all posted on how i do this in the classroom...
Well, here goes...

Last week was my first lessen, i didn't completely devote all the hours for that week to it but just to let them knwo what we were going todo.

  • showed them the inventors kit

  • told them they would have to look for an interesting goal (like a small robot)

  • told them they had to maintain a blog with all the links, ideas, pictures, video's and progress they would make

  • showed them the first pages of the manual we use with some of the basic stuff in it...

their curiosity was visible :-)

Today i explained some basics of electricity (current (I), resistance (Ohm), power (P expressed in Watt) and so on...
I made some exercices with the formulas and then i gave them their kits.

  • showed them the manual and how to assemble

  • connect to the computer

  • upload first sketch with blinking led

Everytime I'm going to give them an hour of theoretics and some small exercices and then they can use that info for some new things to use for their robot...
This seems to work for me, and them...

I'm having fun!



We have built an online grade 11 robotics curriculum; http://bc.onlineschool.ca/course_list.php?id=1486

If you would like to buy a licence to use this curriculum or would like to buy seats for your school, please let me know.

Thank you,

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