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Really excited to share that my first project using Arduino and LM35 sensor is complete.  


Really excited to be part of this community, and happy to see how people are helping each other.


its looks good :P but in the blog post i hope you didn't post your real access token if you did you should delete it :P you should look at an ethernet shield that will eliminate the need for the PC


Well done,

Please consider moving the post to the gallery subsection of the forum, that is the best place to show projects done

hint: maybe you can use another title like : "twittering weatherstation with Arduino and C#"

BTW, well documented too!
Rob Tillaart

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@putyn : I am not displaying real tokens, those have been removed from screenshot

@Robtillart : Good suggestion, after searching a lot i thought this is a good place to show off :), i am unable to find a way by which i can move it to gallery.

Also good suggestion on name


Really interesting expirience with .NET!
I want to use C# in my projects with Arduino too. Thanks for usefull post!

How do you want to expand this project?


@Ygeorge : In my blog i have mentioned in last section for further possibilities, another possibility is to make it completely independent of PC, but that will require additional hardware :)

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