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I'am just trying to learn the Arduion together with an LCD with I2C bus. (LCD see http://www.robot-electronics.co.uk/htm/Lcd03tech.htm). I use the Arduino Wire library rather than any LCD library just to learn what's going on "behind the scene".

Anyhow, I have seen that I (always?) need to use "Wire.send(0x00)" before any command e.g. Wire.send(0x13). For example to switch on the backlight I need to do this;

Code: [Select]
Wire.beginTransmission(0x63);  // The 7 bit LCD adress is 0x63
Wire.send(0x00);  // Why is this row needed?
Wire.send(0x13);  // Backlight on

Why do I need to send "0x00" first?


Why do I need to send "0x00" first?

That is telling the I2C device what register number you want the next byte sent to be written to. That is most likely a 'command' register in the device that setups various options.



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