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I was interesed in connecting an PS3 Controller (DualShock 3) to my Arduino Mega ADK and after found an usb host library, an wii remote over bt and ps3 remote over USB, I dediced to Program my "own" library for DS3 over BT, based from wiiremote library made by Tomo and added functions from usb version of PS3, I made this library: https://github.com/Cubexed/Arduino-PSRemote

PS: This is my first topic in this forum and im not sure if i put on right category :~


i just registered to tell you how awesome you are for doing this library. Thank you!! :D


Thanks, For now the library is considered completed but if someone finds a bug, i will try to fix it. For now im working on something related, But i need some time before doing it public.


I'm trying to work with your code but maybe I do not quite understand your README file. I would appreciate some more help if you do not mind.
I'm working with Arduino IDE 1.0 and MEGA 2560 board with Tinyos USB Host Shield and a Bluetooth adapter similar to that one mentioned by Oleg. At this point I downloaded the USB libraries that you mention in the README file and placed it in a folder under 'libraries', added your 3 files, opened Example.pde and tried to compile it, but I get the following errors:

   In file included from C:\Documents and Settings\rafcab\Mis documentos\Proyectos\Arduino\Arduino-1.0\libraries\USB_Host/PSRemote.h:4,
                 from Example.cpp:1:
   C:\Documents and Settings\rafcab\Mis documentos\Proyectos\Arduino\Arduino-1.0\libraries\USB_Host/Max3421e.h:90: error: 'boolean' does not name a type
   C:\Documents and Settings\rafcab\Mis documentos\Proyectos\Arduino\Arduino-1.0\libraries\USB_Host/Max3421e.h:91: error: 'boolean' does not name a type
   In file included from C:\Documents and Settings\rafcab\Mis documentos\Proyectos\Arduino\Arduino-1.0\libraries\USB_Host/PSRemote.h:5,
                 from Example.cpp:1:
   C:\Documents and Settings\rafcab\Mis documentos\Proyectos\Arduino\Arduino-1.0\libraries\USB_Host/Usb.h:193: error: 'boolean' has not been declared
   C:\Documents and Settings\rafcab\Mis documentos\Proyectos\Arduino\Arduino-1.0\libraries\USB_Host/Usb.h:211: error: 'boolean' has not been declared
   In file included from Example.cpp:1:
   C:\Documents and Settings ... \Arduino-1.0\libraries\USB_Host/PSRemote.h:81: error: 'USB_SETUP_HOST_TO_DEVICE' was not declared in this scope
   C:\Documents and Settings ... \Arduino\Arduino-1.0\libraries\USB_Host/PSRemote.h:82: error: 'USB_SETUP_TYPE_CLASS' was not declared in this scope
   C:\Documents and Settings ... \Arduino\Arduino-1.0\libraries\USB_Host/PSRemote.h:83: error: 'USB_SETUP_RECIPIENT_DEVICE' was not declared in this scope
   C:\Documents and Settings ... \Arduino\Arduino-1.0\libraries\USB_Host/PSRemote.h:371: error: 'EP_RECORD' does not name a type

It seems I'm missing a file or doing something wrong. Any idea?

Thank you


As my library was released before Arduino 1.0, i think that is the reason for the error. I will try to port but im not sure if it work, in this moment i dont have an arduino accesible. The error appears to be related with USB library


Can you tell me which environment should I use to get your code to work?

Thank you


The library was written and tested in:

Arduino Alpha 0022

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