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My brother's just written a simple painting program for his TellyMate Shield.
I had a play, and came up with some fine art...

(They're not my hands, by the way - my nails weren't made for photography)
Personally, I think it beats anything done on an iPhone, hands down.

It uses 6 buttons for up/down/left/right and paint/shift

Here's a link to the Batsocks Paint Sketch. It can also be found on the TellyMate Shield page :)

[edit: I forgot to add a link to the 6 button shield that I'm using in the picture above - It's due to be released in the next couple of days]


That's very cool... you have to stand back about fifty feet to start seeing that image as the Mona Lisa.  It reminds me of the early Commodore PET computers.


haha great :)

i'm going to try a telemate proto soon to see how it works on a portable tv i found :3

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