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I just threw up a page about my custom midi mixer. I kind of modeled it after the M-Audio X-session Pro. I haven't painted it because I don't have the facilities here at college. I also plan on expanding the project with some buttons and two capacitive sensing jog wheels. I plan to use a mouse for the rotary input. I already have the capacitive sensors implemented on digital pins 11 and 12.

Code: http://cal.freeshell.org/projects/potmon3midi5mux4.pde

Mind you I'm no programmer or Electrical Engineer so the code isn't as efficient as it should be. I'm actually studying Mechanical Engineering Technology at RIT; this is just a hobby.

Project page: http://cal.freeshell.org/projects/

Here's a picture of it:

These forums and the playground have been a lot of help. Between both of the capacitive sensing pages, the 4051 multiplexer page and the various midi projects on the forum I've managed to cobble together the code.


Cool! Have you gotten it to control anything yet? :)


Yeah, it sends midi over USB through the Roland driver. It should work with anything that is compatible with midi messages. Right now I have it piped into Traktor for mixing songs. It works very well. I just wish I had nicer slide pots, these are kinda stiff.


Whats your name I will facebook you. I go to RIT also. John Gutmann


y4m4,  as I said before, nice work bud.

So there are at least 3 of us then that go to RIT and are on the arduino forum.

4th year ME, here.


ahhh I am a computer engineer. >_< you slackers!!


Slackers? I think we're diversifying.  ;D Microcontrollers are more or less out of the scope of our major.


Hey, RIT! I'm in Rochester; that's where I plan on going! Electrical engineering and computer science.


Nice work, I'm trying to mod my mixer so it keeps its audio capabilities for  DJing but has midi involved for working with video. But I might go your  route.


Maybe we need a Rochester Arduino group?

Combover, I was thinking something very similar. I want to get a "broken" mixer and wire all the pots up to the arduino like the one I made. That would give an extremely clean look, give you higher quality pots and might even be cheaper. Certainly cheaper than buying 13+ quality pots.

I'm not familiar with the workings of an analog mixer but I don't know if you could use it for midi signals and mix live audio. The live audio will probably make the arduino read funny values.


Looks like a cool thing to do... where did you get the faders from?


They are 60mm 10k faders from Mouser. Part number: 312-9301F-10K

They are pretty stiff but it you gently take them apart and clean them out with rubbing alcohol they get better.


Thanx a lot!! I'm thinking about an 8-track mixer for my cubase, maybe I give it a try.

About the audio + midi mixer, I'd pass the audio through a computer and control both audio and video via midi, since you can assign any midi controller to more than one function.


Im getting some really weird errors trying to run the code in the 15 ide O.o

error: variable or field 'noteOn' declared void In function 'void setup()':

why yes it is a void... how is that a error?


why yes it is a void... how is that a error?

a variable can not have type void. It should be something like int, char or a self defined type or it could be void *.


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