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J Sorribes

Looks like a cool thing to do... where did you get the faders from?


They are 60mm 10k faders from Mouser. Part number: 312-9301F-10K

They are pretty stiff but it you gently take them apart and clean them out with rubbing alcohol they get better.

J Sorribes

Thanx a lot!! I'm thinking about an 8-track mixer for my cubase, maybe I give it a try.

About the audio + midi mixer, I'd pass the audio through a computer and control both audio and video via midi, since you can assign any midi controller to more than one function.


Im getting some really weird errors trying to run the code in the 15 ide O.o

error: variable or field 'noteOn' declared void In function 'void setup()':

why yes it is a void... how is that a error?


why yes it is a void... how is that a error?

a variable can not have type void. It should be something like int, char or a self defined type or it could be void *.

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