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Hey everyone, I was wondering if there was possibly a tutorial on how I could go about creating said Reverse Geocaching box? Any tips and such would be great. I'd prefer to do this with an arduino, considering the ease of use- but if there is a cheaper way please, let me know! Thanks all in advance!  :)


A reverse geocache box would leap out and ambush unsuspecting ramblers, forcing its coordinates upon them, whether or not they wanted them?
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Hahaha okok: Something such as this: http://arduiniana.org/projects/the-reverse-geo-cache-puzzle/

sorry for the ambiguity lol
Nice troll though :P


That tutorial seems to do everything BUT send you a completed reverse geocache puzzle.

You need a box, an LCD, a GPS, an Arduino, and a servo motor. The LCD could, and the GPS will, cost more than the Arduino, but you'd like to use something cheaper than an Arduino. Possible, but, overall, it won't save you much, and we won't be able to help you with it.
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Have you seen my posting on building your own puzzle box at http://arduiniana.org/projects/the-reverse-geo-cache-puzzle/building?


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