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But why hide something that is SIMPLE ?

To you it is simple... for someone that just started in programming and embedded devices (which is probably the majority of Arduino users) main() makes a lot less sense than setup() and loop().

I can understand you. I only use the board and the bootloader from Arduino, but I also see why Arduino is made the way it is now. But the good thing is that it allows people to evolve and try different ways of using the hardware and software according to their own personal knowledge.
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Dito isto, mensagens pessoais só se forem pessoais, ou seja, se já interagimos de alguma forma no passado ou se me pretendes convidar para uma churrascada com cerveja (paga por ti, obviamente).

Jack Christensen

This came up in another thread as well - do you know how to download a sketch via the ICSP pins using the IDE?

Adding entries to boards.txt similar to below works for me (I have others that are just different clock freqs). Your programmer may vary ;-)

Code: [Select]
uno16.name=Arduino Uno ICSP @ 16MHz
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So you replace


this file with the sketch file to use instead?
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That doesn't seem to work on 1.0 for me. I have to add the 'weak' attribute there.
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Nick Gammon

I don't have version 1.0.  I thought I had version 0022, but I suppose that is alpha, right?

I can't find version version 1.0 on the download page.

I wonder why version 0022 works? They don't have the weak attribute.

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