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kevin duino

where did you make your own pc board =D

id like to make my own ;D


I used http://BatchPCB.com, which is a service of SparkFun.  It's relatively cheap, but it takes a month or so to get your board.

You'll need to learn Eagle (or similar).  There's a tutorial on PCB layout using Eagle on SparkFun's site here:

kevin duino

wow >_>

well, i can wait a mont to get started on arduino sheild making lol


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Would this work for L1?

And for C1, can I use a ceramic here, or only electrolytic?  I'm thinking of longevity and temperature sensitivity, but I'm not terribly sure of when I can use one.  If ceramics are non-polar, can they always replace the others, but not the other way around (like when dealing with AC)?


Ok, here's the cart I'm looking at, ignore the amounts:

I may not have room for that choke on the board!


yes, that L1 looks good!

for C1 it should be a ultra low ESR electrolytic. Thats becouse they are like the "fastest" and you can get them with big F values.
elextrolytic is fine, as long as you dont take the super cheap ones.
my C1: http://shop.conrad.at/ce/de/product/445903/KONDENSATORULTRA-LOW-ESR220F35V
its rated with 6000h at 105°C, that should be enough...

in your chart you have a 220pF, what should be a 220µF  ;)
and with a 20V zener diode your still safe but it will not be so close to trigger unwanted (14,4V is quite common in a car)

thats how this looks in my prototype:

(my 1N is a little oversized, had no smaller around ::))

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