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Coding Badly

Programming is the act of adding behaviour to an otherwise inanimate object...

and having the capability to do quite a bit with metal has helped me improve functionality in my home and life

when I still haven't answered the basic question "What the *&%$ am I going to do with it?"

I've got a five month old girl

Combine the three.  For your daughter, build a metal flower that responds to her.  The first most obvious project is to build a metal flower that slowly opens when she is nearby and slowly closes when she is not.


And the next most obvious project is a chastity belt with proximity sensor and iPhone app that sends me a text when the boys get too close.  By the time she's old enough for boys, I'll probably have a smart phone......
and AWOL, the Dumas comment was from an american movie called Shawshank Redemption.  It's quite good you should see it...
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bebo, love your post, especially the part about Angry Birds! Certainly there's a lot of technology deployed these days "just because we can" and I end up shaking my head at a lot of that. At the same time I'm probably guilty too, LOL.

Maybe rather than thinking of C++, or even "Arduino", think of microcontrollers and the ability to sense the environment and act on it. What can you imagine, that along with a little decision-making capability also brought by a microcontroller, that might represent an improvement in some day-to-day situation?

I can use a current project of mine as an example. The basement flooded while we were on vacation, due to a rare combination of (a) very heavy rain and (b) an extended power outage which kept the sump pump from running.

So I have a project which will sense power failures and also if the water level gets too high in the sump. It tracks the information on a web page, so that I can monitor it from anywhere, and posts any changes on Twitter, which in turn sends a text message to my mobile.

I could have spent several thousand dollars on a permanently installed generator setup, but with this approach, if I'm not home, I can just call my brother-in-law and have him start my portable generator. Not sure he knows he's part of the system, but hey, that's what brother-in-laws are for, right?
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and AWOL, the Dumas comment was from an american movie called Shawshank Redemption.  It's quite good you should see it...

Seven oscar nominations... definitely one of the best movies I've seen.

About projects, I've seen a wheel chair control made with microcontrollers that would be perfectly achievable with an Arduino.

But like someone else said here. Look for mundane things that could be done by a small computer (arduino) and get cracking.
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I have these flowers from an art show a while back.  I just started playing with the CapSense library, and with that and some RGB leds, this flower could be a nice little mood lamp.
bird denigration is a crime

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