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yes sbright, I would definitely be insterested in seeing how to view from 300m away with a usb extender.  I dont even know what that is.  I would also be interested in seeing how we could do it with the xbee.  You are confused about the pressing of the button.  To my understaning with the gwi x10 system to activate or turn on the FTP you must press a remote control button that they give you in the kit.  Then you can wirelessly download all your photos via FTP.  My guess is so the FTP is not on all the time sucking up battery juice.  I will send you my email if you want to send me the info that way or I dont know if you could just post it here.  I think I might be ordering my first Arduino board because of you today sbright.  THANKS SOO MUCH!!
p.s. my father-in-law has a bunch of the bushnel trail cameras and he says they last several months with regular batteries in them or over a year with lithium ones, just in case you were interested.


I understand now.  Why would you want to wirelessly download all the prior pictures if you're not there at the PC to view them?

I use PC software called EOS Utility that comes with Canon DSLRs.  It gives you Live View and the ability to control every feature of the camera remotely even video.  It does this via USB so you have 2 choices.  If you want decent video you can buy a USB 2.0 extender that goes maybe 50m tops.  Or you can buy a USB to ethernet CABLE (not ethernet protocol) extender.  Mine goes 300m and it's cheap.  But you cannot see a good frame rate for video.  It is very jerky.  Still you can control every aspect of the camera reliably.  Especially the shutter! 

My future goal is to control some simple functions via XBee and the PTP library while slowly viewing live thumbnail images.  Will keep you updated.
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Basically this camera will be at my buddys farm and I will remote to my laptop in his shed about 80m away.  I would like to see if there are deer currently using the trails and how big they are ect.  He is an hour away so If I could get them onto that laptop I could FTP them over to my home computer.  also using Logmein.com I can see the pictures on that laptop without FTPing them over to my home computer if I dont want to.  Is this usb 2.0 extender wireless?  If not I dont know how this would work.  I do not need live feed.  I just want to be able to transfer the pics wirelessly to a nearby computer.


So i guess xbee can not transfer file?  I have only seen it used to transfer signals and commands ect. Does anyone know if it can transfer files?


Does anyone know if it can transfer files?

Of course it can. Files are just collections of bytes.

But, think about the size of the file, and the speed at which it can transfer that number of bytes, and decide is several minutes per picture is acceptable.

Also, think about how you will access that "file". If the file is on a camera, does the camera have a way of accepting a command to spool the file to the Arduino? How is the camera connected to the Arduino?

If the file is on a memory stick, do you even have the hardware required to access it? The software?

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