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Hello, I am in the Atlanta area so not sure if that matters. I am creating an art installation with creatures that will look like this comb jelly and will showcase how deep sea creatures produce light: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icKB9EfURhQ
(even though the comb jelly just reflects light) At the least I would like to produce a lighting effect like the one in the video that will be attached to my resin sculptures. It would need to not look like Christmas lights and be more random and organic but still mainly be a chasing effect.  Best case (if affordable) is to have some type of proximity sensor that would cause the lights to speed up and get brighter as you get closer. Is this even possible? Interested parties  please respond with your thoughts and if you are interested. We can discuss your fees after that. Thank You


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I'm in Atlanta and what you want to do is not too difficult. I'd need to know more about how your sculptures are built and how to get LED's into it. But programming it to react to proximity and to cycle leds is all doable.
-Bret Lanius

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