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... are missing. I thought the arduino is open source and this is why I bought it. I would expect that the .sch and .brd files are being published.


I found this


In this page:


Seems to be what you want no?

I do wonder what the R2 is, but as you can see, that board isn't sold by Arduino and therefore isn't their responsibility to provide drawings for it.
This... is a hobby.


There is no other reference on the board than that to arduino.cc, so I expected that the design is "arduino.cc".
"R2" apparently is revision 2 which has other power supply chips than the "reference design".


My guess is that the different component would be pin compatible and not really something to worry about.
This... is a hobby.


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I think I should worry if I have a damaged board I want to repair....
There are also many other layout changes.


Have you opened the board layout in Eagle to see if you have the latest?

Because if the differences are a chip that is pin compatible with R1, then chances are that the schematic doesn't show this, but the layout is probalby different. Have a go at it.
This... is a hobby.


Have you opened the board layout in Eagle to see if you have the latest?

Yes, of course


It is exactly the same with the Uno R2 : many components move in R2 and the downloaded layout on offical site is always in R1 version.
My UNO is official, it is marked "made in Italy". For an opensource project not update the documentation after 6 month is not serious.

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