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Nice, [smiley=beer.gif] thanks!


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Here is some info about RC6 at http://www.sbprojects.com/knowledge/ir/rc6.php

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Wow, this worked great. I have a Philips myself, and just connected a IR LED and uploaded the code and boom my TV started turning on and off :P

Does anyone have any idea as to where to find information that can be used to add other other TV-sets to this? And how to add it all to the irparams file?


Looks cool!  I've been trying to interface with an Infoglobe (http://www.linux-hacker.net/InfoGlobe/) for a while with limited success.  Hopefully I'll be able to find something in your code that helps me out!


Can someone reupload the fonts???  :-/


can you please reupload the files?


For anyone who still needs it I've put another copy of rc5xmit.zip on my blog here: http://mungbean.org/blog/?p=685


Thanks for the files.
Does anybody know what protocol is used in the new Panasonic TV-s?
And how to modify this code to work with panasonic  :-?


Is there RC5 or RC6 (or any other IR protocol) receiver code in Arduino?

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