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Finally i got my self to start working on this again.
I have now boxed the ATMEGA 644 in to a nice shell and i am using a new lcd, both from seeedstudio.
This lcd is running on 8 FPS at the moment, but mem is working on the KS0108 Library so we will se where it ends up.
I have added a menu and there are at least two more graphs for the G-sensor but they are still being worked on.
OBD reading & fault code reading/clearing are to be added to this project soon i hope.



wow, that looks amazing. I'm very interested in your project. Are you planning on making schematics and code available ?


Yes my intention is to share the schematics in Eagle files and the code for you to play around with.
But need to test some more before i dare share, should have something ready in December.


I almost can't recognize the little black monster now....Great work!  ;D


Thanks Eric  8-)

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