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Hi Everyone,

First, many thanks to the many folks here who have discussed what should be in these assortments and made many good suggestions!

We have had a good response from a couple of our friendly suppliers, and some very good prices on Semiconductors and relays.

Take a look here: http://arduino-direct.com/sunshop/index.php?l=product_list&c=new for many new offerings.

We now have both direct-connect relay boards with 1,2,4 and 8 relays, and Opto-Isolated relay boards with 2,4, and 8 relays. We also will be carrying Solid-State relays, soon to include dimmable AC versions and a DC version. See the relay possibilities here: http://goo.gl/8ZEQ8

If you're interested in controlling AC and DC power from Arduino see our How-To pages here: http://arduino-info.wikispaces.com/ArduinoPower
Scroll down a ways and you'll see how neat and clean it is to connect several relays using our Sensor Shields and our Cables.

Speaking of cables, Arduino is great but sometimes connecting interesting things to it can be a pain. Take a look at our many cable possibilities here: http://arduino-info.wikispaces.com/Cables  We are able to get cables made at great prices.

We have been making up low-cost starter kits in quantity for several schools, universities and hacker/maker groups; let us know if we can do something like that for you.

I'm personally having a great time indulging my Parts Scrounger addiction  :)  My good friend Jun Peng in Shenzhen, China is great at hitting the street and the huge SEG marketplace and finding interesting parts and excellent deals. 

You suggestions for products you would like to see on http://goo.gl/dVwlD are always appreciated. And tell us about subjects you'd like us to cover on our How-To Wiki at http://arduino-info.wikispaces.com/HOME

Best Regards,  Terry King and Jun Peng    YourDuino.com
terry (at) yourduino.com
Regards, Terry King terry@yourduino.com  - Check great prices, devices and Arduino-related boards at http://YourDuino.com
HOW-TO: http://ArduinoInfo.Info

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