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I am currently making  solar mppt system using the arduino.
I have connected my output of my buck converter directly to a 12v battery but now i would like to build a 12v battery charger
i have a current and voltage sensor at the output of the buck converter and am wondering if i can monitor and alter the charging of the battery in the code or what type of IC i would need to charge the battery
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hi, Some of us (like me) don't know what "solar mppt" means, or is..

If you want competent help, give links to examples and decode the Acronyns...
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Whatever it is, here's a chip for it...  :)

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I agree, I don't know what you are talking about when you refer to solar mppt.
mppt = Maximum Power Point Tracking
I did some research (wikipedia WOOT) and so I think you mean yo uare using the mppt method to get the most efficiency out of some solar cells?
Is that right?
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Dig around on Newark/Mouser/Digikey and you'll find ICs that will manage this for you.

Here's a place to try: http://circuits.linear.com/all--solar_energy_harvesting-313

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