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Ok so I have ripped out a circuit from a toy I found and what it does is the when someone walks in front of the sensor it gives off a slow ac current at about 1.78 volts per second. Now I want to get this up to 4.5 volts. Dc or ac I don't care but it has to power 2 very large leds. Any thing will help but please try and keep the cost down,thanks.



it gives off a slow ac current at about 1.78 volts per second.

Sorry but that is nonsense.
Does it perhaps give a 1.78 volt peak to peak signal at some other frequency?


hey sorry i'm a little new at electronics and dont really understand your question sorry. But it max "peak" is 1.78 then it drops to 0.


Run the signal into a voltage comparator, the comparator can drive the signal to +5/0V for you.
That 5V can then be used to drive a transistor or something to control the LEDs.
See the LM358D part on the top left of the Uno Schematic as an example, where Vin/2 is compared to 3.3V.
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