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Hi all,

I am in need of a tiny testing chamber for some components I am designing and need a temperature- and humidity-controlled environment.  It doesn't need to be large, only a few inches on a side.  However, it does need to be precise to within 0.1°C.  Humidity precision is less important.  I was wondering if any of you had experience building something like this.


With temperature control targets that tight, I suspect that temperature variations within the chamber are going to be a problem. You will need to measure the temperature to far better accuracy than 0.1C in order to control it within 0.1C, and you're going to need a way of very gently heating the whole chamber with very little lag.

Depending what you're planning to use it for and how long you're trying to maintain the temperature, I suspect you might be better off just enclosing the chamber in something that has massive thermal inertia and get the whole thing up to your target temperature, let it stabilise so the temperature variations even out, then do whatever it is you want to do..


High precision temperature environments are used by Radioamateurs, because they need very stable osccilator frequences.
This can be achieved by putting the osccilator into a "oven" which maintain a certain preciasly regulated temperatur.

So try to do a google search for "crystal oven"

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