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hehe I might just do this.

Thanks  ;)

Funky Diver

One aspect that seems to be being overlooked (possibly) is the marketability of the skinning.  I'm not talking about making money out of the selling of the skins themselves, more about if you are using Arduino to demonstrate a concept to a client about how something might work, then the skin of the IDE in a professional skin might be more pleasing (and subliminally selling to the client) than the standard one.  It adds an air of bespoke.

I'm not bothered about them though, but I can understand why someone might want it.  It's cool either way for me :)


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when I first started playing with arduino, one of the early things I did was to change the skin for the IDE, I like neon like colors on a dark background, the ide is washed out to me (a little hard to read, but I have crap eyes and worse monitor on that computer)

anyway, I was thinking about writing a little application that allowed you to "edit" your preferences.txt in a little gui so you could recolor any way you wanted, but never got around to it

but since were pitching ideas, it would be cool if that info was moved out of preferences.txt and into a proper 'theme' system, ie like notepad ++ just point it to a valid xml file and your good to go


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if you like shiny buttons:



I made a skin a time a go. I´ve published at my blog.


You can tested, if you like...  

cheerio ;)


I never thought so much about skins... when i started this thread.. ;)

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