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Updated video at several posts down....

This is not quite completed but shows it almost done.  I'm in process of testing animations and timing.  Items to complete are:

  • add the pressure sensors

  • mount the RGB LEDs in blocks

  • put the PCBs in a box

  • patch the big hole I cut in the closet

I am illuminating the stairs using 30 RGB leds.  Control of the LEDs is done using an ATmega328 processor (Arduino) and 6 TLC5940 LED driver ICs.  Pressure sensors will be used to detect someone going on the staircase which also allows me to calibrate it so my dog won't trigger it.  A light detector will be used to only trigger it at night.

I am adding themes to the animations so at the end of the video, you will see the Xmas theme.  A halloween theme will be added that will have red pulsating lights.  Other holidays, I haven't quite thought of yet.  

This is the first project on the Arduino I started on a couple of months ago and while waiting for parts, I built some LED cubes. It took a long time to plan, breadboard a prototype and then install.   There are 120 wires that had to be run under the staircase to the closet underneath.  This project is not for the faint of heart!  LOL.

Peak amperage is about 1.4A @ 5V being regulated down from a 7.5V 2.5A wall wart power supply.

Here is a photo of the breadboard design:



Thanks. :)

Just finished getting the light sensor and pressure sensors installed and calibrated.  Dog won't set it off but a person will.  And it won't come on during the day.


NOICE!! I've been hoping to do that someday i get my own place.
Looks amazing!
Keep it up!
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Finished up the stairs this weekend.  Pressure senors installed and calibrated.  LEDs mounted.  Light sensor installed and calibrated.  All that is left is to tidy up the mess in the closet under the stairs. 

$2/year to operate this cool night light. :)


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