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I have not made any more changes since my last update; however, I am going to be changing out the pressure pads to switch to an infrared beam soon.  The pressure pads work great but over time start to move around and the sensitivity decreases with repeated use.   

The transition to IR is going to require a couple of addition circuits to be added but I shouldn't have to redo what I have.  I plan on using a couple of 555 ICs to modulate the IR emitter so the receiver can accurately detect the beam.  The only downside to this is that the IR emitters are power hungry as compared to the pressure sensors with each drawing up to 50mA.  This will result in an additional $0.50/yr of electricity usage.  But I think I can live with that. ;)



Which rgb leds did you use?

I would like to know as well.

Also, have you made any modifications to this, how is it coming along?  I really like the idea.
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That's just what I need to start the same project in my house!
As the others, I really would like to know which rbg leds are used for this; I will put them inside walls (plasterboard).
Very nice work!


The RGB LEDs used are diffused common anode type that I picked up off of eBay.  They have a rated luminous intensity of 8,000mcd at 20mA.

I have not done anything further with the stairs lately.  I have determined that the pressure sensor are not going to work in my setup long term in the way I have them.  I have the pressure sensor centered between 2 stainless plates with a dab of hot glue on either side to focus the pressure on the sensor.  Then I put a dab of hot glue at each corner to hold the plates together.  It works great for a while but then the hot glue starts breaking down with the continuous walking on it.  I've thought of changing from the hot glue to little rubber pads but have decided to use infrared distance sensors instead.

The sensors have a limited range of about 3 feet so going across the stair case will work great.  The pressure sensors use only 2 wires whereas the infrared sensors use 3 wires.  To install these, I have to either hack in these to my existing board or I have to re-create the top board.  For simplicity, I will likely just hack in the sensors to my existing board. 

In my design, there are 3 PCBs to control each of the colors for the LED and the top board has the ATMega IC and the positive connectors for all the LEDs.  If I had to redo this all over again, I would spend the extra money to have a single 2 sided board made to allow me to easily plug each LED into its own connector rather than having to plug each leg of the LED into its own board.  This would make it easier to create something that is marketable to others interested in doing the same thing and would have saved me hours of wiring this up in my closet under the stairs.  But once installed, it has worked flawlessly.

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