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When you have enough boxes from stores with parts to build a 1:100th EARTH


...you make functional computers inside computer games...
...you (start to) code an OS out of boredom in the weekend...
...your room has parts of all kinds in every corner...


...your collection of old computer hardware weighs more than you do, even through you're really overweight...

Heck - my collection probably weighs more than my truck (ok - slight exageration there - but sometimes I step into my shop and wonder).

...let's see...

Not sure if this counts - but I've spent the last 2 weeks, every evening on the weekdays (4-5 hours a night) plus both weekends (many times staying up well past 3am - last Saturday, I pulled an all-night until 8:30am on Sunday) studying, taking notes, quizes, "homework", etc - on two free online Stanford classes (AI & ML); I've never worked so hard on something I didn't pay for. My wife hasn't divorced me...yet.

Yeah, that's not a great punch-line to the joke, I know... :D
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studying, taking notes, quizes, "homework", etc - on two free online Stanford classes

These courses have changed my life ;)

When you are a student and your idea of a good Saturday night is with your Arduino XD  

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I signed up, but got a job and have my actual school to worry about so I dropped out

Big Oil

...your office looks like a robot exploded in it...because a robot exploded in it. 


you rent storage space when you move to a smaller place because there was just too many "things" you couldn't let go.


boxes of scavenged stepper motors
the keyboard from an old Ensoniq synth
200 LED's from a few found arcade game PCB's
boxes of really odd electronics stuff that "might come in handy one day"


Someone posts a forum message asking for help with some obscure IC and you think "wait, I have one of those, I'll see if I can reproduce it".
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You are excited when a kitchen appliance dies because you can salvage parts from it.


You get up at 4am to go to a specific store to buy the newest gadget NOT because you want it right away but because you know Woz will be there and you want a signature and autograph.
10 PRINT CHR$(7)
20 GOTO 10


...when you go work on a turkey farm and manage to find ways to put computers, Arduino and turkey farming together!

Save me from this picturesque, rural hellhole....



when you actually need to get a PST clock when you live in EST
(because that's where Silicon Valley is)
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When anything you build has to envolve electronics in at least some small way...


when you get this in a fortune cookie and you save it because you think it is a sign from above.
I could print the Arduino logo on a box of cereal and sell it as "Arduin-O's"


when you get this in a fortune cookie and you save it because you think it is a sign from above.

One of my coworkers once got the same one.
"Optiboot: the Tiffany Yep of Arduino bootloaders."

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