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This is an SC-200 GPS Mouse, advertised as a Speed Camera Advisor for your car. Currently available from Maplins (UK) for £14.99. I have found out where on the PCB the serial data could be read from the GPS module. Using pins 0 and 1 (Serial RX/TX) on the Arduino and reading data in at 38400 baud you can see the NMEA data coming directly off the GPS module.

This GPS unit is going to be used in a high altitude balloon attempt to send an balloon with a digital camera to the edge of space. The GPS data will be read by an Arduino and transmitted down a low power RF link to enable tracking and recovery of the payload.

Next stage is to solder some wires to it, then send the serial data over an 433MHz RF link.


Hey that's pretty cool!
I liked it so much... haha, mostly for the price, that I went to Maplin and started to order it.. Until I got to after the paypal log in to pay, they wanted to charge me £50!  lol I heard about the postage office strike, but good lord! Just wish there were some US vendor's that sold them this cheap!

Keep up the good work!


Wow, I'm going to see if I can pick up one from the store tomorrow.

Good spot Mike


Bob if you wanted one I'd be happy to buy and send it via a cheap postal method. It is only a small light box. You could pay me by PayPal.


FOund out this GPS is no good for a HAB project as it incorrectly implements the GPS COCOM limits. Still, will be great for terrestrial GPS projects.

Have ordered a Trimble Lassen Iq for the HAB project as that correctly implements the COCOM logic.


About a year ago I picked up a similar unit made by Inforad from Woolworths in Newcastle after an alert on another forum. It cames with an USB>FTDI cable masquerading as a usb cable and it also outputs NEMA data, I've only tinkered with it in combination with Linux though, never arduino


Just had to give everyone the heads-up, this model was discontinued just today!:/

So if you can get your hands on them, get them quick! :)


kool stuff :)

i'm trying the same type of thing with my Haicom gps receiver, its bluetooth but also outputs ttl via its charge port, so i can plug it direct to arduino.

my plan is to use a 16x2 lcd to display the logation. and later add a button for other modes.

got any code that would help me decode the bits of data i need? im not so good on the coding side of things XD


(you also need the NewSoftSerial library, also on that site)

I'm not really sure what all is "needed" in the Examples, but I figure just replace Serial.print with the lcd.print (assuming you're using LiquidCrystal, much easier) the information you need.

The library takes all the fuss out of reading the "$GPGA 131.3109541.13.13" lol instead, you can just use functions like lcd.print(lat();)
and such.
Still waiting for my GPS to test, but I'm guessing it works the same! Hope this helps!:D


ah thnx :) kg4wsv had already linked them to me ;)

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