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Hi everyone,

I wanted to share a work in progress with you that I've cobbled together from a lot of great resources here and a few from out on the internet.

I couple of Christmases ago I received a 1-Wire Weather Station(http://www.aagelectronica.com/aag/index.html?target=p_1.html&lang=en-us) which I was going to connect to my PC and record the various conditions.

For numerous reasons this didn't really happen ::) for a start I didn't want the PC on 24 hours a day!

Anyway, having read some forum posts here of people using the 1-Wire temperature sensors I thought I'd give the code a go to read the various chips in the weather station...

...and here it is: http://www.paulandkate.f2s.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/_1wireweatherstation.pde

I'm fairly happy with it as is stands, there's some scruffy code in there where I've bodged things to work but I've learned a lot about the system and what I can do!

Things I'd like to do:
- Put it back up on the roof where it belongs instead of on the desk!!!
- Log the values into arrays and work out averages.
- Add a "North offset" to allow the unit to be positioned away from North.
- Connect a display instead of using the serial output.
- Maybe log values to download to the PC intermittently?
- Buy and connect a pressure sensor.

Thanks, Easty.


Nice bus...

and some clean code.



I'm still playing with ideas for a project involving the bus!

A quick update on the weather station:
I scrabbled up onto a very well and slippery roof this afternoon to put the unit back up there.

It's now happily sending info to my PC for me to crunch tomorrow (gales expected this evening) and then I can start playing with displays.

If anyone's interested I connected the unit to the Arduino using the CAT5 I'd run last year, which must be about 10 metres. When I ran my sketch I just got a load of rubbish information. Eventually I dropped the value of the pull-up on the DQ line to 2k2 and everything started behaving!


George Matthews

Cool... really!

You may wish to consider adding your code to my recently introduced MRMP.

In that way, you could easily add your code to my MRMP for debug and remote monitoring.  The MRMP is rock solid and easy to learn.

Hope MRMP helps!


Thanks George, I'll take a look and see what I can do.

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