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just got a micro sd card module (libelium) but need to find out how I can get the data on this card. I use a Arduino mega. do not ask me why a mega. will work on it.


and when see your script I see an inside temperature and a outside temperature,but (sofar I know) the aag has only one temperature sensor.


Sorry doornenburgweer, I do have another temp sensor wired in, it's just connected to the 1-wire bus in the same way as the weather station.

I was trying to connect more but hit issues, I know someone on here found a resolution by altering the 1-wire library (sorry no time to dig the link out for you now...)

Not sure about your rain bucket but you should be albe to find out more about the LM35 on the forum (it's not something I've used though!)

I moved on to other projects so my weather station is just up on the roof spinning away with nothing connected...



Hi All,

I have a AAG 1-wire weather station with an additional temperature sensor and an additional count sensor for my home made rain gauge. I am hoping to hook it all to my Arduino, LCD display and send the data on to my computer for logging on the internet. I will keep you posted on my progress.

Has anyone had any luck just using the serial interface module connected to the Arduino? I have one of those and a MAX232 chip as well.


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