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I want to write a menu library for TFT touch screens. I need to have callback functions for when a MenuItem is selected. I wrote the following constructor:

Code: [Select]
MenuItem(void (*cbFunction)(MenuItem *));

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MenuItem::MenuItem(void (*cbFunction(MenuItem *)))
    // Code...

I get the following error:
MenuItem.cpp:13: error: prototype for 'MenuItem::MenuItem(void* (*)(MenuItem*))' does not match any in class 'MenuItem'
MenuItem.h:7: error: candidates are: MenuItem::MenuItem(const MenuItem&)
MenuItem.h:13: error:                 MenuItem::MenuItem(String, void (*)(MenuItem*), MenuItem::inputMode)
MenuItem.h:12: error:                 MenuItem::MenuItem(void (*)(MenuItem*))
MenuItem.cpp:8: error:                 MenuItem::MenuItem(String)
MenuItem.cpp:3: error:                 MenuItem::MenuItem()

Why is there a * after the void (return type of the callback function) in the first line of the error message? Can someone help me and explain why this isn't working and how i could correct it?

Thanks in advance,


Code: [Select]
MenuItem::MenuItem(void (*cbFunction(MenuItem *)))
Some of the parens are in the wrong places. Should be:
MenuItem::MenuItem(void (*cbFunction)(MenuItem *))
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


Thank you, you are right. But i still get the same error: The only difference between my implementation and the candidate is, that the candidate has a * behind the void and i don't know from where this asterisk comes from.


With just code snippets, that's all the help I can provide. Post all of your code, and I can try it myself.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.

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