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Hi guys,

I came across this frequency library: http://interface.khm.de/index.php/lab/interfaces-advanced/frequency-measurement-library/

I made the the input network, it reads 100%

As soon as I enter myservo.attach(9); or any other pin on the arduino for that matter the frequency readings go haywire, leading me to believe that within the library they used up all the pins?

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Nov 02, 2015, 10:16 pm Last Edit: Nov 02, 2015, 11:28 pm by frankjell
Hi, I'm new to this Arduino stuff and forum, just ordered my first one yesterday....
Anyhow, I'm a 57 yr old process engineer, I have worked with PID controllers when most of you were just a thought...
As I read that your system hunts I immediately think: the settings for PID controller are not correct.
You have "Kp=0.1, Ki=0.2, Kd=0"

Kp is a variable from ( I presume in Arduino) 0 - 1 though in the old analogue days it was 0-~500%. A normal setting was then somewhere from 80 - 200%.
If Kp = 0 it acts like a non-proportional controller, not able to establish a stable situation (oscillating fast), if it is to high the controller will be very slow acting (oscillating slow). I would try to set it at .3 and see what happens.

Ki is in normal life set in seconds, I don't know for Arduino but I assume that it is the same. Try 30 seconds and see what happens. The fluctuations should be much smoother. Ki acts like a brake on the output from the Kp action..

Kd is normally also in seconds, set this to 120 seconds. Kd will diminish the difference between set-point and measured value in stable situations in the controller.

Hope this old man helped you a bit.

Regards Frank from The Netherlands.

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