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Hey all, I am a hobby machinist who is trying to pay off his machines. If you have a custom part you need made, or something you would like to see on the market, send me a pm. I will make any part that I can for a very low cost. I have a milling machine and an aluminum casting setup in my shop, so any parts with only those operations are obviously preferred, but I have access to other machine tools as well. Send me your parts as a sketchup model, dxf file or even a drawing on the back of a napkin and I'll let you know if it can be done. If you send me drawings for a unique part you have (nothing patented) and feel like there is a demand, if I can sell at least half a dozen, I'll send you one for free. I am in Canada, so shipping may be costly, so consider this before you ask me to make something.

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