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What's the best way to solder a smd led 0805 size?
I just bought like 150 and while I have plenty to spare, id rather not destroy a few figuring it out


1. Put a little solder on one pad.
2. Put the LED on top and apply flux
3. Use the iron to reflow the solder and gently push down the LED (using tweezers) so it sits flat on the board and now makes a connection
4. Solder the other side.


1. Put the LED on the board and hold in place with tweezers.
2. Apply flux.
3. Put a little solder on the iron then touch it to the pad so the solder flows onto the LED and the pad.
4. Solder the other side
5. Go back and re-solder the first side if necessary (or just add a little flux and reheat with the iron)

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id rather not destroy a few figuring it out

Even going in well prepared, be ready to lose a few in the learning processing.
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Thank you, ill try my best lol good thing they are cheap


Success on the first attempt! It was the second led since I dropped the first one and couldn't find the small thing

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