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I am new to Arduino and have a question. I am working on a project to take a white board that we use at work, and replace all the "fill in the blanks" with led numbers/text. From the research I have done, this is def doable with Ardrino, but thats about as far as I've gotten.

What I really need to know before I start on this project is weather there is an effective way to run multiple seven-segment displays (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven-segment_display) or if they all have to be run individual. If there is a way to do this, could someone point me in the correct direction, as I have spent some time researching this and found little help. I don't know if its just because I'm new at this and don't know where to look, or if it is just not as easy as I had hoped.

Also, when I first started brainstorming this project I had the idea to use the old-schoolish split-flap modules (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Split-flap_display) but could not find anywhere to purchase the individual modules. Does anyone know where I could pick some of these up?

Thanks in advance for any help!!



Multiplexing, latches, shift registers... and a bit of imagination. :)
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I remember that giant split flap board at Penn Station new york, i loved just watching the thing do its thing , i have never come across those for sale but sounds like more work then simple leds/led displays.
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Arduino can drive directly 4 7-segments, look in playground-outputs for library.


Look into a max7219
it does all the multiplexing work for you and can control 8 7segment displays
and it uses spi so you can have as many chips as chip select pins you have available


You need something like this?
add two more digits, and you have the equivalent of what a MAX7219/7221 does, with the multiplexing control moved back into the arduino and the current limiting done externally. 
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