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Hi all...any electronics experts on here :p

I have built a small childs toy...it has 10 leds around the rim of the wheel (evenly spaced)

I want it so that when pushed along, only the 4/5 LEDs facing forward light up. I have a magnet that can be used as a rotation/speed sensor...but need this linked up to an arduino to control the illumination (unless you can think of a simpler method)

They can be lit up just after reaching the top of the rotation and swtiched off after 1/3 turn - the blur will make them appear to be on for a half turn. Should give a nice illumination arc at the front of the wheel



Could you do this with a slip-ring arrangement (made from a PCB), with breaks in the rings?
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That seems a bit complex

I saw this on ebay. This would be perfect

Just need it so that it is times correctly i.e. low RPM vs high RPM I want to ensure only the forward facing element lights up


But with the example above, i'm pretty sure it activates when passing the sensor (magnet) with no consideration for RPM so the light on / light off point will not be constant on the wheel (talking with reference to the "hello" message)



How do you get power to the leds on the turning wheel rim? Battery inside the wheel?
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Yes can be any method. As it is just a childs toy, wheel balancing etc does not have a huge impact

So thinking I need a PIC with some timing logic based on the frequency of the sensor being activated (same way bicycle speedos work - magnet passing a reed switch i think)

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