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I would really like to see the serial monitor and console font size patch be incorporated into Arduino. The above patch seems like the perfect solution for someone such as myself who has a hard time seeing the monitor and console. I use a font size of 20 on the editor, and then I have to lean forward and squint at the console or monitor. Please consider including this feature or some variant which allows setting all three or individually. That would really help :-) Thanks very much for your consideration :-)


I am a little confused about how this patch is being applied to the new 1.0 IDE. I see on http://code.google.com/p/arduino/issues/detail?id=550 that it says it's fixed (at the bottom of that web page) but I don't see any difference then before. Am I missing something?

Is this something we have to compile to get it to work? or is there somewhere other file we have to edit before this will work?


Paul Stoffregen

Is this something we have to compile to get it to work?

Yes, you must compile the latest code from github, or wait until the next official Arduino release.

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