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Ok, the picture:

The story as well.

The shield was made but I made a mistake with HOW I built it.

See red arrow in picture.  I simply put pins BELOW the board to allow the shield to plug into the main board.

After a bit of thinking and seeing the straps and the clock not "ticking" (as well as the weird time/date) I realised that the pins may not be connected from the main board to the tracks on the shield, and that somehow I had to allow what was shown in the PDF to happen.

Then I realised that if I used this set of pins with longer legs, and access points above them, they would do both functions.
So I took the initial pins out - fun! and replaced them with the longer legged version.  Then I got the other pins - like the ones used for the LCD access points - top left of the shield - and put some in above the other ones, I would nearly have what was shown on the PDF.   AND!  I could put in the straps.

At this point there is no RTC, no battery and no EPROM.

Done, plugged in.  Garbage.  Won't tick, won't set.  But the display works.  The menus work.

Put in RTC chip and battery.   SAME - and before you ask, I'll get to it in due time.

Totally stumped.  Looked at code, can't work out what is going on.  For the hell of it - and honestly nothing more - I went to the local electronics shop and bought the OPTIONAL EPROM.

Got home, stuck it in - NO RTC, NO BATTERY.

Voila!  The clock starts ticking and it is set to the time I "flashed" the main board with on the compile.  You know, the part where I un-comment the remarks and set the time further down, flash the chip, then re-comment the instruction.

Powered down, put in RTC and battery, and powered up.  All good.

Waited a few minutes and powered down and powered back up.  It kept the time.

No, I haven't bothered setting the right time.  At this point it was academic.

Every time I put the RTC chip in, it was in the same socket and the same way around.
The ONLY time I put the EPROM in, it is/was in that socket and that way around.


Picture looks good. I am stumped. The code only ticks the clock when the RTC (DS1307) is connected and running. Otherwise it would be stuck trying to read the clock. I am jealous, I don't think I have a local electronics parts shop that have the EEPROM. I'm in a small city (that's what want to call it but I rather go with town). You are a lucky guy! So when you put in the EEPROM (24LC256) without the RTC, the clock starts ticking and then powered down and inserted the RTC then everything goes AOK? I'm confused. Keep an eye with the setup see if it loses time too quickly like a few minutes or more per day. I would appreciate a picture of the underside of the board. Oh, you can buy some solder wick to help with desoldering pins. Drove me nuts trying to unsolder a row of pins before I knew solder wick or desoldering iron.


Yes, strange.

Even with the RTC - ok, no battery, it didn't tick.

However, I think the STRAP problem may be in there somewhere and if I didn't have the strap issue resolved - as in the other set of points there - it may have complicated the issue.  Though I am sure I did do testing with the points there, because I sent you a piccie.

Yeah, one of life's mysteries.

Now I shall go off and read the code where you pointed me to in the other post and see if I can get that part working better.

As a gesture of sharing my knowledge, I shall repeat the situation again without the EPROM and see if it spits the dummy.

It may be interesting to establish if it is a real problem or what - for possible future complaints from other customers.


Ok, shield only and battery, NO RTC, NO EPROM:

Battery, RTC, NO EPROM:
Valid time, but not ticking.
(nowhere near real)

Battery, EPROM, NO RTC:

Go figure.


Quick general question about this code:

It is an "easy programmable multi day alarm clock"

Ok, so question:
On which ever day, at the alarm time:  The buzzer buzzes, as it should.
As there is no "OFF" function for the alarm, how do you stop it sounding?

Yes, I haven't got as far as using it yet.  I have ONLY JUST finished getting it working and need to do a wee bit of code modification.

That aside, the question I just asked popped to mind.

Anyone - please.

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